Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Competition Season Rule!

Truly is Spring now. The last few weeks have seen state titles for most federation. Personally got to the NABBA/WFF Qld titles, a mate for the gym was competing, congrats Millsy.

Got to the INBA Queensland titles too. Had a great day. On the same day as the ACT title. Phoned a mate in Canberra. He didn't answer his phone, a competitor did, "Sorry he can't make it at the moment, he's putting comp colour on (other people) at the moment". On you Jamie!

Next Saturday, 3rd October is the Australia titles down in Melbourne at the The Camberwell Centre (the pre local govt merger Camberwell Civic Centre) . Won't be there for the first time in years. Good luck everyone.

Two weeks later see the Natural Olympia titles hosted for the 3rd to in Australia. This year Queensland is host at the Southport RSL Club on Saturday, 17th October. This one I will be at!

Best of luck everyone.

Note to self: Pull finger out and post some picks!