Monday, March 26, 2007

Melbourne Titles, ANB 2007

Got down in Melbourne this weekend, for an IT workshop on Saturday.

The ANB’s Melbourne Natural Bodybuilding titles were on in the city, on the Sunday. I went along to the pre-judging at 12. Couldn’t stay for the evening show, not with a drive back to Canberra for work the next day.

The field was of good quality, but the numbers were small. They allowed competitors for compete in multiple divisions, a sure sign of not enough competitors.

Took a few rolls of film. I’ll post some after I get the developed and scanned.

Warren Clampet, last year INBA Natural Olympia winner was there in the crowd. Got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes, was good to catch up with him. Had not seen him since the first week in November, just after the Australian titles.

Generally, a great weekend away.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

INBA, What is the difference between Amateur & Professional bodybuilding?

Found the above blog entry today.

This show, the INBA 2007 All Female Classic, has a $1000(AUD) first prize in four divisions.

It raises the question about what is the difference between Amateur & Professional bodybuilding.

Do you have to be a Pro to go in it? If you win it, do you become a Pro? You have won a cash prize. Does this mean you can’t go into future amateur shows.

Shouldn’t this money be going into building the prize pool for the INBA Pro Division? (One or two annual competitions that can only be entered by a past Australia (or higher) title division winners)

Should there be a Pro Card system?


Found a new bodybuilding forum

Today I try to go to (for the first time in a while). Gav has decommissioned the site. Sniff :(

Gav's pics of last years (2006) INBA ACT titles will be down too.

So I went looking for other Australian based bodybuilding forums.

I found one at

Looking for others. If you know of any, please let me know.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dubbo Bodybuilding 2007: results

Hi all

This last Saturday saw the annual Dubbo bodybuilding comtest.

There where ten divisions, all up, this year.

Male – Grandmasters
1st Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – Masters
1st Antonio Silvestro (45)
2nd David Robinson (40)
3rd Dennis Matijasevic (46)

Female – Figure Masters
1st Cathy McGee (52)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)

Female – Figure U/52kgs
1st Carly Taylor (51)
2nd Michelle Jeffery (47)

Female – Figure O/52kgs
1st Kelly Hancock (50)

Mixed Pairs
1st Cathy McGee (52)/David Robinson (40)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)/Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – U/75kgs
1st Mark Keys (51)
2nd Paul McKews (58)

Male – U/85kgs
1st Daniel Fel (61)
2nd Steven Hocking (55)
3rd Rail Ali (56)
4th Kevin Foster (60)

Male – U/95kgs
1st Joe Grima (64)
2nd Anthony Bowden (63)
3rd Steven Tritton (62)

Male – O/95kgs
1st Izze Haydar (65)
2nd Spencer Hiet (68)

Female – Figure Overall
Cathy McGee (52)

Male – Overall
Izze Haydar (60)

Sadly this year there were no Female Physique competitors.

I took some pics too.

They have now been developed.

Got to get them scanned. I'll post them soon.

To be continued…