Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bodybuilding Compertition Pics: Nick Jones

At the start of the month, the INBA held its 2007 Sydney titles.

I took some pics during the Finals show. Last week I finally got them developed. The fist pics I’m going to post are those of the guest poser Nick Jones.

I've posed them here. More to follow.


Update: well finally got all the images just right. Been a great learn thingy, used the rmagick ruby library to call ImageMagick. The link is live:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Training Partners and Exercise Form

Been at the new gym (Elite Physique) for two weeks now.

I've been without a training partner since Christmas time. The last two weeks have really brought the back to me again. A training partner is a great thing to have. Someone to push you. Someone to prod/embarrass you into that last rep of those working sets!

One thing that you can do, when you haven’t got a training partner there, is to get a spotter.

Here a chance to learn. I always try to get the most experienced guy around. I will ask them to check out my exercise form on at least one set. Then incorporate there pointers in your last sets, even if it means dropping the weight a bit

Over the last fortnight, I’ve gotten G (Graeme Bennett), Big Joe (Joe Giampaolo) and Ariel to spot me. Both G and Ariel helped me with form.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

Bodybuilding: Gyms & pulling the Trigger

Started at a new gym last Thursday. It is Elite Physique in Phillip. That’s Big Joe (Billy) Giampaolo’s gym.

Mark, a guy, who use to train at my last gym, trains there. Had a bit of a talk to him tonight. He has been thinking about competing in a bodybuilding comp. Said he was thinking about competing, maybe in October 2008. My advice was that he should set a date and train to it.

Personally, two weeks after the end of a competition season, I pick when I will compete next. For me it’s October 2008. Got to spend sometime trying to get bigger/better.

As I said to Mark, It’s a personal decision. It all depends on you being mentally ready to make the commitment to spend the time and willpower to do it! Don’t wait until you think you’re ready to compete, you’ll never be completely happy with your condition and you'll never pull the trigger.

Had a bit of a look at Mark, after we had finished training. Mark is ready for it.

So just to put Mark under a little pressure ;), I said that in two weeks, I’ld expect him to be able to give me a date for when he’s going to compete. Let’s see if he pulls the trigger. Go on Mark, go for it mate!



INBA 2006 Sydney Bodybuilding titles

Went up to Sydney yesterday, for the Sydney bodybuilding titles. This is the first show conducted by the new INBA NSW state president Simon Healey. It was a two show format, held at the North Sydney Leagues Club. Wayne McDonald (INBA World Vice-President) and David Nigro (Victorian state president) came up from Melbourne to assist Simon with his first show.

The show was smaller than usual, understandable, given the sports politics in Australia and particularly New South Wales since last years state titles. Over the years, I’ve heard of posts being torn down at gyms and rumours being spread that a shows had been cancelled. Heard a new one this time, late this week, emails had been sent, claiming that the show was cancelled. Political dirty sticks meets the internet. Wonder where the email addresses came from?

They where short of judges too, one was sick. I ended up judging. Was happy with my scoring, my placings were the same as the overall panel for all divisions.

Nick Jones guest posed. Nick is three weeks out from a MuscleMania bodybuilding comp in the US. He looked great and put on a good show. Nick also talk about his bodybuilding career, particularly since his last NABBA bodybuilding show in 2002. Nick has put a lot of work and will into getting through his health issues. Good work Nick, all the best.

I took some 35mm film, will get 'em scanned and posted sometime some-ish.