Friday, December 28, 2007

Of mice and men: planning 2008

Well that’s Christmas over for another year.

Always time it to have the week of Christmas off training. I always take the last week of even months off, generally. That lines up with both Christmas in December and with the end of the spring competition season in October.

Start a new routine in the New Year. My second last building cycle, before I start my contest preparation at the start of May.

So there we have my plans for the year.

Two 2 month building cycles to the end of April. Three 2 month contest preparation training cycles to take my through to the spring competition in late September and October. Then one last building cycle for November and December.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Training this month

Started my 3rd last training program, before I start my next competition preperation, at the start of this month.

Joe at Elite Physique did it for me. Lots in heavy low rep stuff. Set ranges vary a bit. Anything from a couple of working sets to eight working set!

Another 3 week of training. Then a week of for Christmas. After new Year, I'll be back to start the second last building cycle.

Keep training smart everyone.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

2008 Dubbo bodybuilding:change of date updat

The annual Dubbo bodybuilding competition is normally held on the last Saturday in February.

Ken and Elaine are having a major revamp of their event, after 20 years.

The new date is the 5th April 2008.

You should contact Ken and Elaine Russell for current information. They can be contacted on 0412 531 712.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2008 Dubbo bodybuilding: change of date.

The annual Dubbo bodybuilding competition is normally held on the last Saturday in February.

As it’s now the last day of October, that's four months away. That means that some competitors would now be just starting their diet preparation. I have some information for you.

From next year, the date of this great, friendly event will be changing.

I don’t know the new date. You should contact Ken and Elaine Russell for current information.


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

IFBB Australia Pro Card Farce

Just back from the IFBB Australian titles in Sydney.

The Australian titles ran over two days, yesterday (20th) and today (21st). The classes where divided as follows.

Day 1:
All Female Figure & Fitness/Sports Model classes.
All Male Physique age restricted classes.
Male Novice Physique class.
The new Male Classic Physique class.
Male Open Over 100kg Physique class.

Day 2:
All Female Physique classes.
All Open Male Physique classes expect over 100kg.

Each day had two shows. The Pre-judging in the morning and the ‘Final’ show at 2pm. The Pre-judging cost $20 a ticket & the Final cost $55 a ticket. Jay Culter was the guest poser.

Due to cost & time constraints, I only attended the Final shows. There were competitors from my gym, both days. I wanted to support everyone.

There was an IFBB Pro card up for grabs. So you would expect it to be judged, last thing on the 2nd day, after the last Open division was complete. No, wrong! The Pro card was awarded to the winner of the Open over 100ks class, at the end of the first day.

How can you award a Pro card after only one Open class has been judged?

One of the other Open class winners does my competitor diets. I feel it’s grossly unfair that the Pro card was awarded the day before he even got on stage! I know he been after a Pro card for a number of years.

How can our sport be regarded as professional and uncorrupted when these kinds of shenanigans go on?


Monday, October 08, 2007

Bodybuilding: Spring is in the air, competition season!

I must be getting old and jaded!

It’s October, the busiest month of the spring competition season and of the year.

Next weekend will see the INBA NSW Titles on Saturday 13th and the INBA ACT Titles on Sunday 14th.

For those people in Western Australia and South Australia, your state titles are on this Saturday (13th) and Sunday (14th), respectively.

The following weekend, the IFBB have their Australian Titles on at the Revesby Worker's Club on both Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st. I know people competing both days. So I’ll go to both days. It’s going to be a very expensive weekend. The IFBB are charging an extortionate $55 for the Final show on each day. The Pre-judging will be $20. I really want to support 'Da Boys'(tm), so I’ll cough up.

The last Sunday (27th) of the month will see the INBA Australian Titles in Canberra. It’s 10 minutes walk from home. Wish it was away. Going away from Nationals is always a great weekend, weather you’re competing or not!

All the INBA details are on the about links.

And why, may you ask, am I getting old and jaded? I was thinking about going to Melbourne to watch the INBA Victorian Title last weekend. But though better of it, for money and work (time) reasons mainly. (I've already been to Melbourne 4 times this year, IT stuff, even got to the ANB Melbourne titles on one trip).

For all you guys & gals thinking about competing, go along to any events you can get to. Look, learn, ask questions and get motivated! Than pull the trigger and set a target competition(s). I'ld generally choose one between one to two years away. Once you have a comp, got talk the most knowledgeable person you can find and draw up an intelligent plan that gets you to chosen comp(s)! As Nike said 'Do it!'.


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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Power lifting: Battle of the Gyms

The ‘Battle of the Gyms’ power lifting competition was yesterday. It was a great day with about 20 competitors, both male and female. A good crowd turned up to watch and be vocal!

Looks like we need a new venue for the next competition. The main free weights hall at Elite Physique was crowded and Joe wants to invites the main lifting gyms and clubs in Sydney and Melbourne next time.

Ariel (Elite Physique) won the male division. Mattie (?) won the female division.

Ariel is three weeks out from competing in the IFBB Australian bodybuilding titles. An extra factor for none optimum lifting. Mind you, being dieted down should help power to weight ratios.

Congratulations to Joe Giampaolo and the team for putting on a great show.

Drop some rolls of film in for developing today. Will post some pics during the week.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

ALL the pics from the 2007 Dubbo bodybuilding comp

Ok, I'm a code monkey.

I've used ruby to write some code hacks.

Can now take a CD (what ever) of competition pics and crop and brand them. Then tag 'em and produce a set of pages with results, divisions and people with all the pic they appear in :)

This with be the main page.

Still a few bug, but this is version 0.1, got to start somewhere.


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Barbells, dumbbells and injuries

I’ve got some injury issues at the moment. Namely, one shoulder and the opposite elbow.

How have I been training around these injuries?

Firstly, use different angle and position from some movement, I’ve swapped over to the dumbbell form of a number of movements. Particularly for bench work. This mean I can adjust both the plan of the movement and the rotation of my grip. Both improving the feel and removing discomfort.

For the shoulder movements, I've stopped over head work. Remember anything with the hands/elbow above the height of the shoulder joint is unnatural. This is the reason people particularly have problem the Behind the neck barbell presses. Wondered how Aussie Rules Football players get their bad shoulder injuries? It’s almost always getting a strike to the shoulder while they have the hands over the head, marking the ball.

I’ve been getting some massage for the joints and the surrounding muscle structures too.

Talking at least a week off training always a help ;)

If it’s a new injury, go get it seen to. It maybe worse than you think and it will give you a chance to pick the brains of someone who should know.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Canberra: Power Lifting Competition

Joe "Billy" Giampaolo from Elite Physique in Canberra is running a power lifting competition. It’s on at the gym on 29th September and starts at 1pm. Billy is calling it "the Battle of the Gyms".

Billy is having both male & female divisions. There will be Teen, Juniors, Open and Masters.

Will be a great day. Come along and give it a try. I’m not a power lifter, but I’m going to give it a try. Just to see what personal bests (PBs) I can set. Spectator at very welcome too.


power lifting, competition, elite physique,

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Compression suit: worth it, yes

Two weeks ago I blogged about a new compression suit I brought for squats days.

Use to for the third workout last night. I think it had bean a good buy. It helps with recovery. I've kept it on for 3 hours after I finished training each session.

Think I'll look at upper body suits. I'm thinking for Benching and Deadlifts.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

First leg day with a compression suit

Leg day today.

On Monday I brought a BSc Body Science Kompressorz Athletic Longs, aka, a lower body compression suit.

I think they where good value. Joe "Billy" Giampaolo spotted for my three heaviest sets, 1x10@120kg and my work sets (2x8@140kgs). Got the reps for both. Time to up the weights, me thinks.

After the final set, I pulled up the cuff of my trackie dax to show Joe my new purchase. He pulled down his waist band to show me his. One of the reasons for getting a compression suit is recovery. Joe commented that I should keep 'em on for 1 to 2 hours after training finish.

We will see how we feel tomorrow


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Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally…. the bodybuilding pics from Dubbo 2007!

Finally got the negatives from the Dubbo show (back in March) scanned.

This with be the main page.

I’ve done Cathy McGee, David Robinson and Izze Haydar’s pics first, since they have contacted me to see what photos I took.

Will then start prepping the pics for the Canberra boys: Harry Haureliuk, Dennis Matijasevic, Steven Hocking and Paul McKews after that.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

A variation on David Jacobs/Branch Warrens shock routine

Was looking at this some Delts routines at the Muscular Development (MD) forums.

Found a post in a Branch Warren thread by CUT260 aka David Jacobs
10 sets of 10 reps using the heaviest weight you think you can finish all ten sets with. So for each exercise that’s a goal of 100 reps. We basically will do 3 exercises per body part. So far I have not finished all 10 sets as you think some weight is light but come the 5th, 6th, 7th set it feels like the weight of the world. Its a killer especially with deadlifts and squats.

A variation I’ve seen is:

A three day split centred around the Squat, the Deadlifts and the Bench Press.

For each day the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press are the lead exercise. For each, select a weight you can just do for a set of ten reps. Use that weight for 16 sets of 6 reps. Note, that is 96 reps, close to David's 100 reps.

Do it right and there shouldn't be much left in the tank. The second and third exercises, select a weight that you can do for 6 sets of 6 reps.

When you can do the 16x6 or 6x6, up the weight.

Follow this routine for 8 weeks.


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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bodybuilding Compertition Pics: Nick Jones

At the start of the month, the INBA held its 2007 Sydney titles.

I took some pics during the Finals show. Last week I finally got them developed. The fist pics I’m going to post are those of the guest poser Nick Jones.

I've posed them here. More to follow.


Update: well finally got all the images just right. Been a great learn thingy, used the rmagick ruby library to call ImageMagick. The link is live:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Training Partners and Exercise Form

Been at the new gym (Elite Physique) for two weeks now.

I've been without a training partner since Christmas time. The last two weeks have really brought the back to me again. A training partner is a great thing to have. Someone to push you. Someone to prod/embarrass you into that last rep of those working sets!

One thing that you can do, when you haven’t got a training partner there, is to get a spotter.

Here a chance to learn. I always try to get the most experienced guy around. I will ask them to check out my exercise form on at least one set. Then incorporate there pointers in your last sets, even if it means dropping the weight a bit

Over the last fortnight, I’ve gotten G (Graeme Bennett), Big Joe (Joe Giampaolo) and Ariel to spot me. Both G and Ariel helped me with form.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

Bodybuilding: Gyms & pulling the Trigger

Started at a new gym last Thursday. It is Elite Physique in Phillip. That’s Big Joe (Billy) Giampaolo’s gym.

Mark, a guy, who use to train at my last gym, trains there. Had a bit of a talk to him tonight. He has been thinking about competing in a bodybuilding comp. Said he was thinking about competing, maybe in October 2008. My advice was that he should set a date and train to it.

Personally, two weeks after the end of a competition season, I pick when I will compete next. For me it’s October 2008. Got to spend sometime trying to get bigger/better.

As I said to Mark, It’s a personal decision. It all depends on you being mentally ready to make the commitment to spend the time and willpower to do it! Don’t wait until you think you’re ready to compete, you’ll never be completely happy with your condition and you'll never pull the trigger.

Had a bit of a look at Mark, after we had finished training. Mark is ready for it.

So just to put Mark under a little pressure ;), I said that in two weeks, I’ld expect him to be able to give me a date for when he’s going to compete. Let’s see if he pulls the trigger. Go on Mark, go for it mate!



INBA 2006 Sydney Bodybuilding titles

Went up to Sydney yesterday, for the Sydney bodybuilding titles. This is the first show conducted by the new INBA NSW state president Simon Healey. It was a two show format, held at the North Sydney Leagues Club. Wayne McDonald (INBA World Vice-President) and David Nigro (Victorian state president) came up from Melbourne to assist Simon with his first show.

The show was smaller than usual, understandable, given the sports politics in Australia and particularly New South Wales since last years state titles. Over the years, I’ve heard of posts being torn down at gyms and rumours being spread that a shows had been cancelled. Heard a new one this time, late this week, emails had been sent, claiming that the show was cancelled. Political dirty sticks meets the internet. Wonder where the email addresses came from?

They where short of judges too, one was sick. I ended up judging. Was happy with my scoring, my placings were the same as the overall panel for all divisions.

Nick Jones guest posed. Nick is three weeks out from a MuscleMania bodybuilding comp in the US. He looked great and put on a good show. Nick also talk about his bodybuilding career, particularly since his last NABBA bodybuilding show in 2002. Nick has put a lot of work and will into getting through his health issues. Good work Nick, all the best.

I took some 35mm film, will get 'em scanned and posted sometime some-ish.



Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sodium Benzoate in Diet Coke & Pepsi Max

A few daya ago I added this post about Sodium Benzoate (211) and Bodybuilding Competition Diets.

Since then I did a quit survey the common 'no sugar' fizzy drinks in Australia.

Just been reading the side of a Coca-Cola Zero can.
It contains ‘Preservative (211)’
It also contains ‘Colour (150d)’, ‘Food Acids (338, 331)’ & ‘Sweeteners (951, 950)’. That adds up to over 2900!

Also checked Pepsi Max, its got ‘Preservative (211)’ too, the same Colour, Food Acids & Sweeteners.



Sunday, May 27, 2007

Can a Competition Diet damage your DNA?

An item just hit Slashdot, the post is titled Some Soft Drinks May Damage Your DNA, and refers to an article in The Independent, titled Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

The Independent article specifically refers to Pepsi Max, my ‘no sugar’ fizzy drink of choice.

I know a lot of people (myself included), who use diet fizzy drinks as ‘no sugar’ relief during those last grinding weeks of the lead up to competition!

The Independent:
He told The Independent on Sunday: "These chemicals have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the point that they totally inactivate it: they knock it out altogether.

"The mitochondria consumes the oxygen to give you energy and if you damage it - as happens in a number if diseased states - then the cell starts to malfunction very seriously. And there is a whole array of diseases that are now being tied to damage to this DNA - Parkinson's and quite a lot of neuro-degenerative diseases, but above all the whole process of ageing."

Diet Pepsi & Coca-Cola drinks generally get a guernsey too

For those people reading cans, its E211(UK), AKA sodium benzoate.


P.S. Remember, never eat or drink anything that adds up to more that a thousand! ;)


Thursday, April 26, 2007

The role of Pros on Bodybuilding

I got the following in an email from the INBA this month.

Joel Ramintas (SA) 3x Mr Australia has confirmed he will now take the step into the INBA Professional rank. Fellow SA competitor Hayzer Cayli who placed third in the Professional Natural Olympia last year will also accept the prize money and turn professional. INBA Queensland top male competitor, Michael Waddington who won his Amateur height Class at the 2006 Natural Olympia has been granted a Pro Card. Michael is excited and determined about doing well now a Professional competitor. These competitors join Warren Clampit as Australia’s Professional Natural competitors and shortly we will have a webpage dedicated to each of our Pros. “The number of competitors entering the Professional level around the world heralds a significant point in time for Natural Bodybuilding,” World Vice-President Wayne McDonald explained. “The INBA has been around long enough that our top competitors have developed to a standard that was never seen before on a natural stage. Look at our current Professional competitors, they have been house-hold names in the INBA for 10 years; I remember Michael Waddington winning the Junior Mr Australia in the 90’s. Now he is our Pro.”

Exciting new plans are underway in the INBA as the Professional ranks around the world swell. The plans been drafted for implementation include; Professional competitors no longer pay entry fees, in fact, if they nominate the Professional event they will compete in 6 months prior they will be paid an “Appearance Fee” at the show. This is a win/win development – Pro competitors get paid for turning up and the Promoter can guarantee and promote his Professional line up in advance. In addition, Professional competitors will be subject to more frequent drug testing
and a positive test will incur a US$10,000 fine on top of the normal sanctions. “If we develop and vigorously promote our (best) Professional competitors they must be 100% committed to the term Natural Bodybuilding – if they fail a drug test, the damage to Natural Bodybuilding is enormous.” INBA Pro competitors will receive more publicity and promotion, with the aim to build more interest and a greater following in both our competitors and the sport. Plus a female Professional bodybuilding
division will be offered at all international shows.

First, I’m going to try to get a gallery of pics together from each of these four Pros. Got any pics, send them in. Know Warren, his good value. Seen Joel Ramintas and Michael Waddington. Can’t put a face to Hayzer Cayli, but intend to remedy that!

Been thinking about how to promote the sport better.

Taking a lesson from the Rugbies & Aussie Rules, one key is the schools. I think that these Pros and the top level Amaturs need to get into the school as much as they can.

Leading competitors, Promoters & Gym owners should be in contact with (local) PE teachers etc to coach/show off both weight training generally and sport in particular. The INBA should be assisting our Pro guys & gals with getting the Cert 3s and 4s too.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Melbourne Titles, ANB 2007

Got down in Melbourne this weekend, for an IT workshop on Saturday.

The ANB’s Melbourne Natural Bodybuilding titles were on in the city, on the Sunday. I went along to the pre-judging at 12. Couldn’t stay for the evening show, not with a drive back to Canberra for work the next day.

The field was of good quality, but the numbers were small. They allowed competitors for compete in multiple divisions, a sure sign of not enough competitors.

Took a few rolls of film. I’ll post some after I get the developed and scanned.

Warren Clampet, last year INBA Natural Olympia winner was there in the crowd. Got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes, was good to catch up with him. Had not seen him since the first week in November, just after the Australian titles.

Generally, a great weekend away.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

INBA, What is the difference between Amateur & Professional bodybuilding?

Found the above blog entry today.

This show, the INBA 2007 All Female Classic, has a $1000(AUD) first prize in four divisions.

It raises the question about what is the difference between Amateur & Professional bodybuilding.

Do you have to be a Pro to go in it? If you win it, do you become a Pro? You have won a cash prize. Does this mean you can’t go into future amateur shows.

Shouldn’t this money be going into building the prize pool for the INBA Pro Division? (One or two annual competitions that can only be entered by a past Australia (or higher) title division winners)

Should there be a Pro Card system?


Found a new bodybuilding forum

Today I try to go to (for the first time in a while). Gav has decommissioned the site. Sniff :(

Gav's pics of last years (2006) INBA ACT titles will be down too.

So I went looking for other Australian based bodybuilding forums.

I found one at

Looking for others. If you know of any, please let me know.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dubbo Bodybuilding 2007: results

Hi all

This last Saturday saw the annual Dubbo bodybuilding comtest.

There where ten divisions, all up, this year.

Male – Grandmasters
1st Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – Masters
1st Antonio Silvestro (45)
2nd David Robinson (40)
3rd Dennis Matijasevic (46)

Female – Figure Masters
1st Cathy McGee (52)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)

Female – Figure U/52kgs
1st Carly Taylor (51)
2nd Michelle Jeffery (47)

Female – Figure O/52kgs
1st Kelly Hancock (50)

Mixed Pairs
1st Cathy McGee (52)/David Robinson (40)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)/Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – U/75kgs
1st Mark Keys (51)
2nd Paul McKews (58)

Male – U/85kgs
1st Daniel Fel (61)
2nd Steven Hocking (55)
3rd Rail Ali (56)
4th Kevin Foster (60)

Male – U/95kgs
1st Joe Grima (64)
2nd Anthony Bowden (63)
3rd Steven Tritton (62)

Male – O/95kgs
1st Izze Haydar (65)
2nd Spencer Hiet (68)

Female – Figure Overall
Cathy McGee (52)

Male – Overall
Izze Haydar (60)

Sadly this year there were no Female Physique competitors.

I took some pics too.

They have now been developed.

Got to get them scanned. I'll post them soon.

To be continued…


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dubbo Bodybuilding 2007

Well it’s that time of the year again. The Dubbo bodybuilding comp is on again. It’s the 3rd March this year. Usually it the last Saturday in Feb, but due to a double booking at the venue, the Duddo RSL Club, it’s on a week later this year.

The evening show starts at 5:30


Wednesday, January 31, 2007