Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prep and Motivation

Competition preparation is always great motivation, weather you're competing or not. Indeed it's part of how I select where I train!

Prep for the autumn competition season is in full swing here.

Two guys at my gym are getting ready to compete.

One guy, David, all organised. Started his diet on the 27 January, the day after the Australia Day public holiday. He's had one disruption. A few weeks back, during the same rain event the caused the South West Queensland floods, he got hit by a young hoon driver on a wet round-about. He's fine, just some bad bruises. The doc said he should take three weeks off. He was back on a week, doing the unaffected body parts and feeling his way with the rest. On you D!

I'm helping the other guy a bit, with his diet and posing. It will be his first competition. All a big learning process. He's leaning up nicely, now I just gotta get him to remember to set his feet first when he poses. ;) Next, choosing his music.

It's all great motivation. Indeed, one of my criteria for selecting a gym is that having competitor on staff and/or in the membership. Pic on the notice boards & walls as always a good sign. A thing to look for when scouting for a place to train.