Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Grand Day Out

INBA ACT Natural Physique Titles - 15th October 2006

Got to rego at 11:30 to find that the 'running sheet' had been changed considerable, and that both Jamie (training partner) and my estimated time on stage had been moved back almost an hour and a half (80 minutes). This could have been an issue, time delays at comps is not unknown. So I always take a meal or two more than your eating plan says you'll need, so it wasn't an issue.

Got on stage pretty well on time. I had one issue, the stage has a new covering, a very short pill carpet. So it was too slippery to set my feet properly for a number of poses. That distracted my from getting a couple of other thing spot on during the mandatory round. Always get up on stage before the comp starts and check the surface for friction etc.

I was very pleased with the result, I got second on a field of five. The first & third place getter, Wes and John respectively, I competed against before. It was good to see them both again, good work boys! So this time we got to 'mix it up', had a great time boys ;)

There are some pics of the net from the comp

in the above thread I'm in 16.jpg on right and 20.jpg second from right
and here

Thanks again to 'Big G' and to my training partner Jamie.

Thank to everyone for all their support.

All together a Grand Day Out.

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