Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dubbo Bodybuilding 2007: results

Hi all

This last Saturday saw the annual Dubbo bodybuilding comtest.

There where ten divisions, all up, this year.

Male – Grandmasters
1st Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – Masters
1st Antonio Silvestro (45)
2nd David Robinson (40)
3rd Dennis Matijasevic (46)

Female – Figure Masters
1st Cathy McGee (52)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)

Female – Figure U/52kgs
1st Carly Taylor (51)
2nd Michelle Jeffery (47)

Female – Figure O/52kgs
1st Kelly Hancock (50)

Mixed Pairs
1st Cathy McGee (52)/David Robinson (40)
2nd Tania Shoobert (48)/Harry Haureliuk (42)

Male – U/75kgs
1st Mark Keys (51)
2nd Paul McKews (58)

Male – U/85kgs
1st Daniel Fel (61)
2nd Steven Hocking (55)
3rd Rail Ali (56)
4th Kevin Foster (60)

Male – U/95kgs
1st Joe Grima (64)
2nd Anthony Bowden (63)
3rd Steven Tritton (62)

Male – O/95kgs
1st Izze Haydar (65)
2nd Spencer Hiet (68)

Female – Figure Overall
Cathy McGee (52)

Male – Overall
Izze Haydar (60)

Sadly this year there were no Female Physique competitors.

I took some pics too.

They have now been developed.

Got to get them scanned. I'll post them soon.

To be continued…



lou_izze said...
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Gnoll110 said...

lou_izze said...

Hi how are you,
Its Izze Haydar here im just wondering when the photos from the Dubbo Classics 07 will posted on this site iwon my division and took out the overalls i didnt get many photos myself and are interested in what photos you might have. You can email me at [edit to remove email address].
Thanks heaps hope to hear fom you soon.

Hi Izze

Good to hear from you. I’ll email you at the address you gave. I’ll also post some image scans, maybe tomorrow (I hope). Need to crop, rescan and brand, so that the pics are a reasonable size for a net download .

Hope training and everything is going well.