Thursday, April 26, 2007

The role of Pros on Bodybuilding

I got the following in an email from the INBA this month.

Joel Ramintas (SA) 3x Mr Australia has confirmed he will now take the step into the INBA Professional rank. Fellow SA competitor Hayzer Cayli who placed third in the Professional Natural Olympia last year will also accept the prize money and turn professional. INBA Queensland top male competitor, Michael Waddington who won his Amateur height Class at the 2006 Natural Olympia has been granted a Pro Card. Michael is excited and determined about doing well now a Professional competitor. These competitors join Warren Clampit as Australia’s Professional Natural competitors and shortly we will have a webpage dedicated to each of our Pros. “The number of competitors entering the Professional level around the world heralds a significant point in time for Natural Bodybuilding,” World Vice-President Wayne McDonald explained. “The INBA has been around long enough that our top competitors have developed to a standard that was never seen before on a natural stage. Look at our current Professional competitors, they have been house-hold names in the INBA for 10 years; I remember Michael Waddington winning the Junior Mr Australia in the 90’s. Now he is our Pro.”

Exciting new plans are underway in the INBA as the Professional ranks around the world swell. The plans been drafted for implementation include; Professional competitors no longer pay entry fees, in fact, if they nominate the Professional event they will compete in 6 months prior they will be paid an “Appearance Fee” at the show. This is a win/win development – Pro competitors get paid for turning up and the Promoter can guarantee and promote his Professional line up in advance. In addition, Professional competitors will be subject to more frequent drug testing
and a positive test will incur a US$10,000 fine on top of the normal sanctions. “If we develop and vigorously promote our (best) Professional competitors they must be 100% committed to the term Natural Bodybuilding – if they fail a drug test, the damage to Natural Bodybuilding is enormous.” INBA Pro competitors will receive more publicity and promotion, with the aim to build more interest and a greater following in both our competitors and the sport. Plus a female Professional bodybuilding
division will be offered at all international shows.

First, I’m going to try to get a gallery of pics together from each of these four Pros. Got any pics, send them in. Know Warren, his good value. Seen Joel Ramintas and Michael Waddington. Can’t put a face to Hayzer Cayli, but intend to remedy that!

Been thinking about how to promote the sport better.

Taking a lesson from the Rugbies & Aussie Rules, one key is the schools. I think that these Pros and the top level Amaturs need to get into the school as much as they can.

Leading competitors, Promoters & Gym owners should be in contact with (local) PE teachers etc to coach/show off both weight training generally and sport in particular. The INBA should be assisting our Pro guys & gals with getting the Cert 3s and 4s too.


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