Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barbells, dumbbells and injuries

I’ve got some injury issues at the moment. Namely, one shoulder and the opposite elbow.

How have I been training around these injuries?

Firstly, use different angle and position from some movement, I’ve swapped over to the dumbbell form of a number of movements. Particularly for bench work. This mean I can adjust both the plan of the movement and the rotation of my grip. Both improving the feel and removing discomfort.

For the shoulder movements, I've stopped over head work. Remember anything with the hands/elbow above the height of the shoulder joint is unnatural. This is the reason people particularly have problem the Behind the neck barbell presses. Wondered how Aussie Rules Football players get their bad shoulder injuries? It’s almost always getting a strike to the shoulder while they have the hands over the head, marking the ball.

I’ve been getting some massage for the joints and the surrounding muscle structures too.

Talking at least a week off training always a help ;)

If it’s a new injury, go get it seen to. It maybe worse than you think and it will give you a chance to pick the brains of someone who should know.


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