Sunday, October 21, 2007

IFBB Australia Pro Card Farce

Just back from the IFBB Australian titles in Sydney.

The Australian titles ran over two days, yesterday (20th) and today (21st). The classes where divided as follows.

Day 1:
All Female Figure & Fitness/Sports Model classes.
All Male Physique age restricted classes.
Male Novice Physique class.
The new Male Classic Physique class.
Male Open Over 100kg Physique class.

Day 2:
All Female Physique classes.
All Open Male Physique classes expect over 100kg.

Each day had two shows. The Pre-judging in the morning and the ‘Final’ show at 2pm. The Pre-judging cost $20 a ticket & the Final cost $55 a ticket. Jay Culter was the guest poser.

Due to cost & time constraints, I only attended the Final shows. There were competitors from my gym, both days. I wanted to support everyone.

There was an IFBB Pro card up for grabs. So you would expect it to be judged, last thing on the 2nd day, after the last Open division was complete. No, wrong! The Pro card was awarded to the winner of the Open over 100ks class, at the end of the first day.

How can you award a Pro card after only one Open class has been judged?

One of the other Open class winners does my competitor diets. I feel it’s grossly unfair that the Pro card was awarded the day before he even got on stage! I know he been after a Pro card for a number of years.

How can our sport be regarded as professional and uncorrupted when these kinds of shenanigans go on?


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