Friday, October 31, 2008

Where did October go?

Where did October go?

Since the last post I've
put a house into storage
been to national titles in Queensland
and am currently helping my parents with their 'retirement' move.

On the bodybuilding front, I competed in the INBA 2008 ACT titles (12th). I did the Masters (40 to 49) division.

Weighted myself on the morning (something I usually don't get to did, as Master does not have any sub divisions), Came in a 84kgs, that a few kgs light than I thought I got to. Guess that what all the fluid control & trick in the last week are all about! I didn't place, so went to nationals as a spector only.

It's not as If I have nothing to do at Nationals (18th). Ended up helping one of the open competitors, Ben from Darwin, colour up.

Been 2 weeks since national, time to decide when I'll compete next!

Keep at it everyone!


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