Friday, July 31, 2009

Find a Hardcore Gym in Toowoomba

Update on the gym front.

I looked a 5 gyms.

One had shut down (on Ruthven St in the city)

One was aimed at the city worker crowd. Was there twice on a weekend & 3pm Monday arvo, closed all three times (Ruthven St near Russell St in the city).

Looked at Beach House (off James St), They had a squat stand but saw no sign of serous hardcore peeps training there. Really got the hard sell. Talked to others later, they confirmed these guys are on a credit card hunt. Once you join, you need an appointment to see the manage, even if he's just sitting in his office. The BH franchise went bust a year or two ago, now people just buy a name, so no come back by complaining to the 'system'.

Had a look a the Uni Gym out at Darling Heights. Was the on a Saturday arvo, so I did a casual session. They got a squat stand too and some signs of hardcore activity. Chronicle' article about three members competing in late '09. These guys are also on a credit card hunt, it cost way more if you want to pay cash. Both they and Beach House want large joining fees (and I'm after month to month while I job hunt).

Last gym I looked at was World Fitness (also off James St). Did a casual session there on the Monday after the casual at Uni Gym. They got both a squat stand and ...drum roll... a power rack! While I was there I got talking to two guys getting ready to compete (May 09). Since learnt there is another two guy also doing May comps, so four all up plus other going to do comps later in the year. Only problem is their short weekend hours, only 8 to 12 Saturdays and 2 to 6 on Sundays. Their joining fee was a half to a third of the others. Will take cash (but no discount to credit card payment amount) on a month to month basic. So I joined.

Only gym I missed looking at was the PCYC.

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