Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Well winter is almost over.

Got a cold, so missed the gym for the last week. Normally I'ld train through all but the first 3 days of a cold. But given N1H1, I'll take the extra time. Don't want to be a 'plague master'.

September is the start of the Spring (in the south) competition season. So looking forward to going along, even if I'm not competing this year.

I urge anyone who is even remotely interested in competing to go along to some comps, just to get a feel and maybe to help your motivation too.

I remember I decided to do my first comp while watching a comp. I was at the '96 ANBF (now INBA) Sydney titles, decided then and there I was going to do two things in '97. Firstly I would do the '97 ANBF Sydney titles and secondly go see Hong Kong before Handover. Flow out of Sydney for 10 days in Hong Kong (side trip to Macua) on the Tuesday after the comp.


  • Do it!

  • Reward yourself

  • Cheers

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