Sunday, April 30, 2006

INBA, City Vs Country,Wagga Wagga, 8 April, 2006

Day trip to Wagga.

Rob & the Canberra boys competed again. Plus a few extra Canberra boys who didn't compete the week before.

Jamie (not my training partner) from the gym. Steve and Dave. Dave (who I didn't know), who was preped by Big Joe (Elite Physique). Dave was one of the most ripped guys there.


dave said...

Thanks for your comments Joe (Elite Physique) and Grahame (Elite) help a great deal. Wagga was my first Competition and I learn't a lot. I'm looking forward to the INBA ACT Competition OCT 06.



Gnoll110 said...

Oh, two comp diets in the one year! Thats pretty taxing!

Going to take next year off?