Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lee Priest in Canberra

Lee Priest was in Canberra for a seminar. I went.

For those who didn't know who he is, he is currently Australia best bodybuilder. One of the best 4 Australia has every produced.

Lee passed one comment that may interest some here.

He was out in a supermarket doing some shopping. This kid was there with his father shopping.
We all know how built super heroes and alike are these days.
The kid sees Lee and points. The kid turns to his father and asks, 'How do you get like that?'.
The father answers 'Steroids, Drugs'.

Lee thought this was a strange answer to give a young child.
What does it show about the father. Envy? Insecurity?

Weather Lee has every used or not, is beside the point.

For me there are two issues.
Firstly, the negative stereotype/image associated with bodybuilding as a sport.
Secondly, the lose of innocence/childhood this child may suffered.

Is this answer going to encourage the kid to use drugs later on?
What would be the best answer, the one that encourages the best habits in the kid?

Something like, 'You got to eat all your meat & veggies and fruit.' maybe?

Something to think about.

After the seminar, I was talking to Jamie M, he is looking to a training partner too. Will start training with him tomorrow morning at 5:30 ouch!

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