Monday, June 04, 2007

INBA 2006 Sydney Bodybuilding titles

Went up to Sydney yesterday, for the Sydney bodybuilding titles. This is the first show conducted by the new INBA NSW state president Simon Healey. It was a two show format, held at the North Sydney Leagues Club. Wayne McDonald (INBA World Vice-President) and David Nigro (Victorian state president) came up from Melbourne to assist Simon with his first show.

The show was smaller than usual, understandable, given the sports politics in Australia and particularly New South Wales since last years state titles. Over the years, I’ve heard of posts being torn down at gyms and rumours being spread that a shows had been cancelled. Heard a new one this time, late this week, emails had been sent, claiming that the show was cancelled. Political dirty sticks meets the internet. Wonder where the email addresses came from?

They where short of judges too, one was sick. I ended up judging. Was happy with my scoring, my placings were the same as the overall panel for all divisions.

Nick Jones guest posed. Nick is three weeks out from a MuscleMania bodybuilding comp in the US. He looked great and put on a good show. Nick also talk about his bodybuilding career, particularly since his last NABBA bodybuilding show in 2002. Nick has put a lot of work and will into getting through his health issues. Good work Nick, all the best.

I took some 35mm film, will get 'em scanned and posted sometime some-ish.



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