Monday, June 04, 2007

Bodybuilding: Gyms & pulling the Trigger

Started at a new gym last Thursday. It is Elite Physique in Phillip. That’s Big Joe (Billy) Giampaolo’s gym.

Mark, a guy, who use to train at my last gym, trains there. Had a bit of a talk to him tonight. He has been thinking about competing in a bodybuilding comp. Said he was thinking about competing, maybe in October 2008. My advice was that he should set a date and train to it.

Personally, two weeks after the end of a competition season, I pick when I will compete next. For me it’s October 2008. Got to spend sometime trying to get bigger/better.

As I said to Mark, It’s a personal decision. It all depends on you being mentally ready to make the commitment to spend the time and willpower to do it! Don’t wait until you think you’re ready to compete, you’ll never be completely happy with your condition and you'll never pull the trigger.

Had a bit of a look at Mark, after we had finished training. Mark is ready for it.

So just to put Mark under a little pressure ;), I said that in two weeks, I’ld expect him to be able to give me a date for when he’s going to compete. Let’s see if he pulls the trigger. Go on Mark, go for it mate!



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