Sunday, June 17, 2007

Training Partners and Exercise Form

Been at the new gym (Elite Physique) for two weeks now.

I've been without a training partner since Christmas time. The last two weeks have really brought the back to me again. A training partner is a great thing to have. Someone to push you. Someone to prod/embarrass you into that last rep of those working sets!

One thing that you can do, when you haven’t got a training partner there, is to get a spotter.

Here a chance to learn. I always try to get the most experienced guy around. I will ask them to check out my exercise form on at least one set. Then incorporate there pointers in your last sets, even if it means dropping the weight a bit

Over the last fortnight, I’ve gotten G (Graeme Bennett), Big Joe (Joe Giampaolo) and Ariel to spot me. Both G and Ariel helped me with form.


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