Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday, 24/01/06

Resistance Training
~ Legs

Stretch: No, after? Do some before, just keep move for 10 mins after, does that count?

Fresh Fruit and Veg: 200g sweetslaw (no dressing)

Fatty Foods: NA

~Drink more water
~Progress pics, still!

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betiPT ExpressTAN said...

Very nice work Gnoll!!! A good stretch at the end of the work out is very important :) Try to hold each stretch between 15-20sec. Here is a stretching guide that may help http://www.betipt.com/facts/betipt_stretch.html . You will see many stretches here but if you can try to do the first 7 - that would be gr8!!! Another important note - Only stretch warm muscles.