Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Luke Wood Seminar, Saturday, 04/02/06

The seminar began at 3:00.

Luke talked about what he has been upto. His trips to the US and his placings there. Also talked about getting photo shoots done for the big US muscle rags. He talked about what is involved in getting to and being a professional grade Bodybuilder.

Lots of questions from the audeance (2 people did manopalise things a bit). Lots of bits & peices about diet and training too.

At the end he posed for us and we got a chance to get photos taken with him. I also brought 2 autographed pics. Finish up at about 4:30ish.

After Luke left, I got Gav, one of the orgainisers to take some progress pics of me, finally!

Met up with Luke, Gav, the PM guys and a few others for a meal (steak) at 7:30. Had a great time gossiping with everyone.

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